Theresa Massony was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She currently lives in New York City, working as an Editor at Elite Daily, a digital news media organization. Previously, she has worked as an editorial intern at a men's fashion publication and as a research assistant at The University of Alabama. She attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and graduated cum laude with a bachelor of science degree in psychology and a minor in studio art.

With painting, she engages with several media, choosing to work with oil, acrylic and commercial photography most heavily.

Artist's Statement:

Despite the fact that we inhabit our own bodies, some bodily experiences send us down a difficult, convoluted path to a proper description. How often have we been asked to describe the feeling of a certain ailment to a doctor? Further, how often has the answer never fit perfectly into the categories of "dull and aching" or "sharp and shooting"?

On the other hand, how often have we read a passage, which resonated with us so soundly that it perfectly described a certain feeling or experience we've had. How often have we been brought to tears while watching a scene in a movie because we watched our own raw feelings play out in front of our eyes — feelings we were previously unable to verbalize?

In my own work, I hope to achieve the same sensation. Often, we are able to better understand thoughts, feelings and concepts when we associate them with something tangible. Through both formal concerns, like color relationships and composition, and contextual and conceptual considerations, I have attempted to describe my own fairly common bodily and cognitive sensations. By providing a powerful and stimulating visual, I hope I have been able to describe the sensations of viewers as well.